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Della Kafara Kennel

Wire Haired Dachshunds Kennel. Fci-Enci.

Our dachshunds are selected according to the ENCI – FCI standard , are used to living in the house and to be in contact with children as early as puppies.The parents of our litters are visible , and the dachshund puppies are sold to 90 days with vaccines , microchip and pedigree throughout Italy with the possibility of godfathers / godmothers flight ; we are available to provide information for the sale of puppies outside Italy

Why dachshunds?

When the age of 13 I approcciai to my first dog something changed . His name was Vicki and was a Chow – Chow . His stubbornness and his faithfulness suggestionavano my days making them rich in emotion. From that time I did not stop more than love these animals . Following the death of Vicki , I bought a Neapolitan mastiff lover because of large size.

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Meanwhile my nephew , he also passionate about dogs , wanted a pet dog who could communicate with people because it has intelligence and personality . So I decided to give him a miniature dachshund . Without knowing I was giving me a great opportunity . I was surprised by this breed that excess ‘ my expectations . I immediately fell in love of his strong and noble character , burying my prejudices about the small size. A strong passion still leads me to breed these wonderful subjects . The design is to select subjects that meet the morphological characteristics and character of the breed , so as to appreciate its true being .

Giorgio .

Some pictures of our many successes


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